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Friday, September 22, 2017


Drone Bans

Drones are being Increasingly Banned in City Spaces.

Technology is amazing. It brought us smartphones, let us meet potential mates with online dating sites, and even allowed people to sit in for...
Virtual Reality

The Future of Dating will be in Virtual Reality !

Two decades ago, couples met in bars, through mutual friends, in schools they both attended among many other places. By then, the internet wasn’t...
Ai used in gaming

Elon Musk backed Open AI Startup just defeated Dota 2’s Top Players

Artificial intelligence moved a step up after Elon Musk-Backed Open AI Startup defeated Dota 2's Top Players in an esport match. The latest technology...



How To



Radiation City is the long-awaited sequel to the adventure survival game Radiation Island. It's a one-person game that dares its users to survive through deadly attacks from zombies, vicious wolves and even human conditions like thirst and hunger. As...
There’s something about giant leaps, solving puzzles, jumping off cliffs and shooting up your enemies that gamers appreciate, and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy has got all the bases covered. No gaming news website would be doing its job if...

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