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Sunday, January 21, 2018
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How Bitcoin could stop corruption in developing countries

Blockchain can regulate Corruption Technological advancements have made our lives better in a number of fields ranging from medicine to our everyday life. From this,...

Major Electronics Firm QMobile on the Hook for Alleged Fraud

Companies are always looking for tax breaks. After all, people build companies to bring in revenue, and taxes always cut into the bottom line....

Pakistani team comes in second at IGEM Competition

Competitions have been around for centuries. It is the nature of species to compete. That is why there was natural selection, why human beings...

Smog in Lahore a Sign of Climate Change, Belgian scientists say

Smog in Lahore a Sign of Climate Change, Belgian scientists say If you thought climate change was bad in china, then you are in for...

How to use YouTube Playlist Downloader

YouTube is the place to be when you’re looking for videos to keep you entertained during long trips or as you sit around with...

i3 or Ryzen 3: Which one should you buy?

This year Intel and AMD have gone head to head in CPU releases, and these latest technology updates for low-budget PC-owners are no exception....

Drones are being Increasingly Banned in City Spaces.

Technology is amazing. It brought us smartphones, let us meet potential mates with online dating sites, and even allowed people to sit in for...

The Future of Dating will be in Virtual Reality !

Two decades ago, couples met in bars, through mutual friends, in schools they both attended among many other places. By then, the internet wasn’t...

Top 4K Monitors – Read this Before You Buy

Watching Netflix or navigating through a gaming tournament might be fun on regular monitors, but on 4K monitors, it’s downright decadent according to user...

Dell Inspiron 15 7000 – Gaming Laptop – Review

Gaming is an expensive hobby. Whether you want to kick back to "For Honor" or take a trip down memory lane with "The Old...

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