Everyone has been buzzing about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology for the past two years. Ever since the Bitcoin hit its $19,000 value high, individuals have been looking into how to choose and invest in the right cryptocurrency. Businesses that utilize Blockchain have cropped up in industries such as banking and payment processing. And now, people can easily find a suitable person/company to buy their home worldwide, using the MUXE platform.

What is MUXE?

According to the developers behind the real estate listings site, the MUXE real estate project is an attempt to modernize the world of real estate. The MUXE tokenized platform is a way for people to sell and buy real estate all over the world using it’s vast unique platform features and an ever expanding global consumer base.

How does the MUXE Real Estate Industry Work?

Generally speaking, the MUXE platform works the same way any other real estate listings agencies do. Sellers (these include individuals and companies) sign up with the MUXE agency for free and put their homes or other properties up for sale. Those that want exclusive listings or advertisements put up accounts with the MUXE project for a fee. They can expand their exposure and get additional features to improve their chance for connecting with the right potential buyers.

Buyers look up these MUXE real estate listings. When they find a property they are interested in, they make the seller an offer. Following which all concerned parties finalize the deal through an authorized housing legal partner in the country of doing business.

How long has the MUXE Online Real Estate Listings platform been operational?

The MUXE network is relatively new. Pre ICO, the platform made its money by accepting payments for premium services. The company is now holding a MUXE ICO to promote its services. A MUXE token sale would help the young platform expand its consumer base as well as put the coin in circulation.