With digitization marking the advent of ubiquity in the world of blockchain technology, it is essential for you to understand as much as you can about platforms such as the MUXE tokenized platform.
Here are the Top 5 Must-Knows of the MUXE Project

1 The MUXE Platform is an Online Real Estate Project

Think of MUXE as an ordinary real estate listings site; buyers can log onto the site and peruse MUXE real estate listings, whereas sellers can put their property up for sale. The main differences between the MUXE agency and traditional listings are that the MUXE platform is online, there is a global user base and it provides cool features to increase exposure.

2 The MUXE Real Estate Industry allows Fiat Currency Too

To cater to the needs of clients weary of cryptocurrency, people using MUXE online are allowed to use fiat currency such as US dollars and the Sterling Pound for transactions. However, if you are comfortable transacting using digital currency, you can utilize the MUXE Ethereum coin. Thees are used to pay for MUXE’s unique features related to listings and exposure.

3 The Site is free – for the most part

Sellers and buyers can use services on the MUXE network for free, provided they want basic features. Those that want extra services, for instance, advertising, need to purchase the MUXE coin to pay for them.

4 There are numerous options for those who want to become a MUXE coin investor

According to the platform’s white paper, MUXE coins will be distributed via pre ICO service options, a MUXE token sale, the MUXE ICO, coin swaps and bounties, and participating in the platform’s development.

5 The MUXE Platform is Convenient

Buyers and sellers can buy and list properties respectively at any time from anywhere. They just have to remember that exclusive services cost more on the site.
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