Launching an ICO is never easy. Developers have to establish the algorithms the currency will use, get a community of investors to invest in them and convince the public that the coin is worth using. The same is true about launching blockchain-based technologies. In this feature, we look at the journey of one Ethereum-based real estate listings platform called MUXE. The creators of the MUXE platform recently launched what they call the roadmap of their real estate project. We are here to discuss what that roadmap says about the platform.

Step by step

After looking into the MUXE’s roadmap, the first thing you are likely to notice is the delineation of the MUXE project. The MUXE agency roadmap is divided into parts detailing what the company plans to achieve by the end of each quarter of 2018.

According to the platform’s plans, the development of the MUXE real estate project will take place in three phases.
Phase one will involve the publicizing of the MUXE Network and its cryptocurrency MUXE coin. The company plans to achieve this feat by building its website, building and retaining a follower base and using search engine optimization. The MUXE Pre ICO sale will also take place during this stage.

The second phase of the MUXE tokenized platform roadmap focuses on the distribution of the MUXE Ethereum coin. The company plans to list on exchanges (to be determined later), and encourage investors to buy the coin by creating wallets for them. MUXE will also add to the coins in circulation from the Pre ICO by having the MUXE ICO in this phase.

Stage one will take place in the first quarter of the year, stage two in the second quarter, and the third stage in the final quarters. By the end of phase three of the MUXE project, the company hopes to have completely launched their objectives statement, roadmap, marketing strategy, and launch.